Signons la pétition de GREEN ACTION JAPAN (mouvement antinucléaire japonais) exigeant la transparence des informations et l’aide aux sinistrés

((/images/Japon drapeau larme.jpg)) Green Action Japan (mouvement antinucléaire japonais) fait circuler une pétition exigeant la transparence des informations et l’aide aux sinistrés.%%% Je vous la transmets pour la signer et pour la faire circuler, si vous le souhaitez. [Signez la pétition||fr] ” Please note: We will be meeting with the Japanese government near the end of April, and have a goal of presenting 5,000 signed petitions of international support. This petition is from concerned Japanese citizens, who would appreciate an international show of support. Radiological Impact of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster On March 11th, Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunamis. A nuclear disaster followed. Please support this petition by Japanese citizens. It was submitted to the Japanese government on March 28th at a meeting backed by 168 citizen organizations. It addresses the radiological impact of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster and the need to extend the exclusion zone around the plant. Your voices will be delivered to the Japanese government. What the petition says: Immediately issue a directive to evacuate and enlarge the evacuation zone.%%% Calculate and publicize regularly the total cumulative radiation dose local residents receive collectively.%%% Repeal the upward revision of the maximum permissible radiation dose (250 milliSieverts) for emergency-response workers at the Fukushima plant.%%% Expand the scope of radiation monitoring and publicize the results.%%% Undertake immediately a comprehensive survey of the radiation exposure and current state of health of local residents and provide for their long-term health care.%%% Do not relax the provisional standards governing the maximum permissible levels of radionuclides in food.%%% Provide compensation for damages to farm and dairy producers and to people who are forced to relocate.%%% Generally, take all measures necessary to ensure that members of the public do not receive radiation doses greater than 1 milliSievert per annum. “

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